By Leamas, 27 January, 2024
Car batteries can last 2 to 4 years or more but there are some practices that when done by car owners can shorten their lifespan and such should be avoided.

Car batteries do not last the lifetime of a car. They go bad after some years of usage. A good battery can last for around 2 to 4 years or more, depending on usage.

The first mistake a car owner can make is to buy a substandard battery that cannot stand the test of time.

Now, away from buying a low quality battery, let's discuss practices that kills battery earlier than their expected life time even if the battery has a high quality.


Practices that reduce a car battery's lifespan


Parking the car for a long time

By Leamas, 15 January, 2024
Some tires can be retreaded and reused after the initial tread gets worn out. The more we can reuse the casing of a tire, the more its retreadability.

Quality tires are made to have quality casings that can withstand the test of time. Often times, the casing of expensive premium tires remain in good condition despite the treads being worn out. It is the casing that contributes more to the initial cost of tire purchase than the tread. So many organisations with fleet try to maximise the use of their tires by reusing the casings up to about three times by doing tire retreading. This is a way they save cost from the use of expensive premium tires.


By Leamas, 2 November, 2023
Modern cars are equipped with advanced safety features which include the prioritization of brakes when both brakes and throttle are applied at thesame time.

Modern cars have a lot of safety and convenience features incorporated into them. One of the safety features is prevention of unintended acceleration.


What is unintended acceleration?

This is a situation where the driver does not intend to accelerate the vehicle but the acceleration happens. There are majorly two ways unintended acceleration happen.


Ways unintended acceleration happen

1. System error

By Leamas, 14 September, 2023
When a vehicle is coasting in gear, combustion doesn't take place inside the internal combustion engine. The wheels drive the engine through the transmission.

The concept of coasting in gear has been quite confusing to many especially when the intention is to conserve fuel.

Quite a number of people do coasting the wrong way; instead of coasting in gear, they coast in neutral. This does not cause conservation of fuel which they actually intend to do.

By Leamas, 12 June, 2023
Electrical connector to car battery terminal can develop issues in many ways causing problems ranging from broken connector, corrosion, loose contact & dirt.

Battery is the energy storage device in vehicles. The alternator together with the battery act as power source to electrical loads of a car.

Battery terminal connectors that are used to ensure good electrical contact between the battery terminals and the battery cables can develop issues that can affect the performance of the vehicle.

Both positive and negative terminals of the battery together with positive and negative battery cables have battery terminal connectors that connects them.


By Leamas, 25 May, 2023
When overheating stops when AC is turned ON, there is likely a problem with the cooling fan system. Either one fan is not working or is not working optimally.

The common overheating condition related to air conditioner is that of engine overheating which occur whenever AC is in use. The scenario we are discussing in this article is that of overheating which occur when the air conditioner is not in use but stops when the AC is turned on.

In the case of the engine overheating when AC is turned on, it is caused by any of the following:

1. Faulty AC compressor that places excessive load on the engine.

By Leamas, 15 May, 2023
As brake pads wear down, the level of brake oil in the reservoir wear down. Some wrongly react to this by topping the brake fluid to compensate for the level drop. Brake oil should be topped during pads change.

The practice of topping brake fluid as brake pads wear down is quite common among vehicle owners but is this practice right or wrong?

It is a practice that potentially has a serious safety concern.


Brake oil is introduced into the car braking system through the brake oil reservoir. This reservoir has minimum and maximum level marks and the level should not go below the minimum level mark nor above the maximum level mark at the time of introducing the brake fluid into the brake system.


By Leamas, 15 May, 2023
Used tires which are alternative to new ones should be bought with caution to ensure safety. They are to be properly inspected to certify them safe for use before purchase.

Used tires come as saviour to many who cannot afford new tires especially the premium new tires. There are also some genuine reasons why people choose used tires over new ones. The reasons will be highlighted below.


Reasons to buy used tires over new ones.


1. They are cheaper.

They are more affordable than new ones and it is possible to get good used tires.


By Leamas, 15 May, 2023
Electric radiator fans have different parts some of which are prone to failure. Some of the failed parts can be fixed while some parts should not be repaired.

The electric radiator fan of a vehicle can develop fault as a result, either not work optimally or stop to work at all. The fault can happen to any part of the radiator fan.

Before we proceed to look at each fault, let's take a look at the various parts of an electric radiator fan.

Parts of an electric radiator fan

1. Fan blade

The fan blade is responsible for pushing or pulling air through the radiator fins as it rotates due to the orientation of the blades, causing air current.

2. Electric motor

By Leamas, 24 February, 2023
The battery that enables starting of a car dies after some period of use but faults from other areas can shorten its lifespan. Examples are faulty alternator and bad battery terminals.

First of all, batteries are meant to die after a satisfactory period of use. We want to highlight some other causes that can cause batteries to go bad on earlier than they should.

Things that can cause a car battery to die

Prolonged cranking

This can happen when there is an electrical or mechanical fault that is preventing the car from starting immediately.