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Factors that can make engine oils degrade faster in hot climates


We are writing this article to advise owners not to exceed manufacturers oil cnange intervals, especially those in countries with dusty environments.


Dust - The environment of some countries are very dusty. Coupled with poor maintenance culture of not replacing bad engine intake air filters, dust finds its way more easily and hence contaminate and degrade the oil faster.

Substandard oil filters - The engine oil filters that are mostly on sale in Nigeria are substandard. This is so because of the fact that some car users prefer cheap products. These substandard oil filters are not able to filter very micro particles (like little particles of dust, iron fillings, carbon) which causes the oil to degrade fast.

Maintenance culture - Some mechanics are known for bypassing or condemning systems that should work. For Instance, when emission systems are not properly working, the engine oil gets polluted quickly. Another practice that can cause fast oil degradation is the running of radiator cooling fan in its maximum speed always by doing a direct power connection to the power source. This causes the oil not to reach its normal operating temperature,. When moisture is not burned off at operating temperature, the oil degrades.

Lack of proper emissions check - As stated earlier, a car with more emissions will contaminate the oil faster especially with carbon deposits.

Usage of substandard air filters - Very cheap and substandard air filters are not able to filter dust particles like the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) types. The more the amount of contaminants in the engine oil, the more its level of degradation.

It's also worthy of note that if an engine overbeats, the engine oil should be replaced as the excessive temperature may cause the oil to degrade to a level.

For these reasons, recommended oil change intervals should be strickly adhered to by car users else they risk premature engine wear or engine damage.

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