Hybrid car

By Leamas, 30 January, 2023
Hybrid cars are known to greatly improve mileage for city driving. They also improve mileage for highway driving too due to some advanced technologies that are incorporated.

The process of converting energy stored in a battery to kinetic energy with the help of an electric motor is more efficient than converting energy stored in fuel to kinetic energy using internal combustion engine. This is because for internal combustion engines, a lot of energy is wasted as heat.

Hybrids have better fuel efficiency for both city and highway driving but that of city driving is more. The difference is not much for highway driving when compared with an internal combustion engine car of similar engine capacity.

By Leamas, 6 November, 2022
The eCVT in hybrid cars have electric motor/generator sets in it which the engine and regenerative brake system uses to charge the hybrid battery. A wrong transmission fluid in it will cause short circuit, malfunction and damage.

There are different types of automatic transmissions and different specifications of automatic transmission fluids, depending on the car. Most hybrid cars use eCVT (electronic Continous Variable Transmission) which uses planetary gear sets and electrical motor/generator sets.

The electrical machine in the transmission acts as a motor when it is being used to drive the wheels and acts as a generator when it is being used to charge the battery.

By Leamas, 5 November, 2022

Hybrid cars are pleasurable to drive but this experience can turn sour when the car suddenly leave you stranded on the road. Every car has its issues and so does hybrids. Compared to conventional cars, hybrids also do have many pros.  

By Leamas, 12 October, 2022
When fan of hybrid battery becomes continously noisy & fast, it points to the fact that there is something wrong with hybrid battery or its ventilation system.

The hybrid battery of a car generates heat normally and it needs cooling for it to work efficiently and to also last for long. The cooling fan is attached to the battery to suck cold air into the battery compartment.

By Leamas, 28 April, 2022
Aside the usual systems to inspect in cars during inspection, hybrids have some other special places to be checked in order to acquire a non-problematic car.

Hybrid cars posses one of the finest technologies in the automotive industry. Having one is a dream come true for some people who like hybrid cars.

Notwithstanding, when buying a used hybrid car, proper inspection should be done before purchase as the technology is complex and some parts and repairs can be expensive.

When inspecting a hybrid car, general pre-purchase inspection guidelines should be followed then in addition, this guide should be strictly followed.

By Leamas, 31 March, 2022
When a hybrid battery is dying, there are symptoms that accompany it like increased fuel consumption, erratic charge state, frequent ICU operation and so on.

The traction battery (high voltage battery) of a hybrid car is one of the most reliable parts with a reported average life span of ten years.

Some people have used theirs way beyond that. As the car ages, the battery becoming weak is inevitable.


What is a hybrid battery?

When people say hybrid battery, they refer to the high voltage/traction battery.

It is different from the normal 12 volts type found in a conventional car.

In a hybrid vehicle, the 12 volts battery is merely used to power accessories and control units.

By Leamas, 28 March, 2022
When the high voltage battery of a hybrid car becomes weak, there is a significant increase in spending on gas due to fast drain and frequent recharge.

Hybrid cars are highly sought after in the market due to rising prices of petroleum products. They have their advantages over internal combustion engine cars.

Hybrid cars are known for fuel economy as they take advantage of regenerative braking to charge the hybrid battery in synergy with the internal combustion unit (ICU). Regenerative braking is not enough to charge the battery, so the internal combustion engine also charges the battery through the motor/generator when there is demand for charge.

By Leamas, 23 December, 2020
Hybrid cars have special ways that their preventive and corrective maintenance can be done. Some of these tips are exclusively for hybrid cars. They perform and last well if the tips are adhered to.

Hybrid Synergy Drives are great advanced and complex automobiles that serve well if properly maintained.

Some users of hybrid cars have experienced difficulty in properly maintaining hybrid cars.

This is not because the cars are bad but because of lack of knowledge of good maintenance practices that are specific to hybrid cars.

By Leamas, 5 November, 2019
A cell or more than one cell in a Hybrid car's high voltage pack can get blown due to high electrical resistance and also due to the effect of high temperature.

One might wonder what can possibly cause just a single cell to get blown amongst many other cells in a hybrid vehicle battery pack.

Users who encounter this situation are left with questions rather than answers. Even technicians are sometimes at loss on the cause of this type of situation.



I will explain them one after the other.

By Leamas, 28 November, 2018
Hybrid cars offer some advantages that make them irresistible to an intending car buyer. There are advantages aside fuel economy that hybrid cars have over internal combustion units only cars.

Some people are inquisitive about what the advantages of hybrid cars over conventional cars are.

The negative experience some previous and present users of hybrid cars have has contributed to creating phobia in even people who are yet to have a feel of a hybrid car.

The list below in bullet points are some of the advantages of a hybrid car compared to its non hybrid counterparts.