Berklee College Of Music Scholarship 2024/2025: Apply Now

Over 40% of the students at Berklee College of Music get scholarships annually as the college spends about $115 million on this program. If you are a current student or aspiring to study at this college. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for. See how to get a Berklee College of Music scholarship as you read this article. I will take you by the hand and show you the requirements for the scholarship, eligibility criteria, how to apply, as well as other details that the scholarship process involves.

A scholarship is a beautiful way of making education available to people of all social classes. Many schools in the United States have embraced the idea of awarding scholarships to outstanding students and the Berklee College of Music is not left out. In this article, we are going to examine the various scholarships available at Berklee and how to get them. It promises to be an interesting read. So, let’s get started.

Does Berklee College Of Music Offer Full Scholarship?


It will interest you to know that most scholarships offered by the Berklee College of Music are not full. In other words, the college gives part scholarships to students to cater to some parts of their academic tuition. Thereby leaving the students to pay a part of it.


Note also, that there are a few full scholarships offered by the school where the entire tuition and accommodation of the student is covered. This type however is not common. Hence, you can get external scholarships for this purpose while schooling at the College of Music.

Categories Of Berklee College Of Music Scholarships And Requirements


The following are some of the categories or types of scholarships available at the Berklee College of Music. As you read through, you will find the requirements for each of them.

Merit Based Scholarship

All undergraduate and graduate students of the college are automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship as a part of the admission process of the school. Hence it does not require additional application. In other words, the documents of all students are scrutinized, and the best will be selected for the scholarship.

Upon selection, you are awarded a scholarship that covers up to 8 semesters of a single major and it is renewed every semester. The students on the other hand must meet the terms and conditions given for the scholarship to continue. Below are the requirements to get a merit-based scholarship at the Berklee School of Music.

  • Must have had a good academic record.
  • Should have a notable songwriting ability.
  • Graduate students should apply for scholarships while submitting documents for admission.
  • Must have an admission offer at the Berklee College of Music.

Presidential Scholarship

This type of scholarship is also known as the Full-Tuition scholarship. As noted earlier, it is the most difficult scholarship to get at the Berklee College of Music. This scholarship like the above, does not need an application. The college automatically nominates or selects students to get it based on their audition and financial needs.

And when selected, you will be individually notified through an email or any other means. The notification is usually done by the admission office before the school fees deposit deadline of every academic year. The presidential scholarship covers the following.

  • Tuition fees that are to be renewed each year for a total of eight semesters.
  • On-campus housing or accommodation.
  • A meal plan
  • A laptop and software

Note that the presidential scholarship does not cover off-campus housing, health insurance, books, travel, and other miscellaneous fees. The major requirements for this scholarship are

  • Students must submit their FAFSA profile.
  • You must also have a CSS profile on file.

Institutional Need-Based Scholarship

Berklee College of Music also has a need-based scholarship in limited numbers hence it is open to only domestic students who have demonstrated high financial needs. To get this scholarship, undergraduate students are expected to submit their CSS profile on or before a posted deadline.

Thrive Scholarship

This is the type of scholarship meant for continuing undergraduate students at the college. It is open to domestic and international students who are already schooling in the college. To get this scholarship, the individual must do the following.

  • You must have demonstrated high academic achievements.
  • Must show evidence of financial need.
  • Must be on track with a record to graduate at the right time.
  • Must have your CSS profile on file
  • Domestic students should have their FAFSA on file.

How To Apply For Berklee College Of Music Scholarships


From the categories of scholarships at Berklee College of Music explained above, you will see that you do not need a separate application. All you need to do is indicate interest and submit your CSS or FAFSA profile where required and you will be considered for the scholarship. If you are selected, the Financial Aid office of the school will notify you of the next step to take.

Nonetheless, you can also apply for external scholarships that are not sponsored by the school. Here, the requirements vary and the application process is determined by the sponsor. External scholarships are most important for graduate students because most of the scholarships at Berklee College of Music are open to undergraduate students. To submit your application tap .. Apply Now

Berklee College Of Music Scholarships For International Students

Berklee College of Music has some scholarship offers for international students. As noted earlier, international students are not eligible for need-based scholarships or presidential scholarships. However, they are eligible for merit-based scholarships through the admission and audition process. International students are also eligible for the Thrive scholarship of the institution after the second semester of their enrollment into the school.

To get these scholarships as an international student at the Berklee College of Music, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Must have been offered admission by the school and in some cases, be in your second semester.
  • Should submit your CSS profile with the Berklee school code 3107.
  • Pay a compulsory $25 fee to the college board for your CSS profile.

Berklee College Of Music Scholarship For Graduate Students

There are very few scholarships available to graduate students at the Berklee College of Music. The opportunities are further limited for international students. So, if you are a graduate student who is looking to get a scholarship, see a list of outside or external scholarships below.

  • Live Nation Scholarship.
  • Jazz Education Network Scholarship.
  • Geoff Richter Performing Arts Scholarship
  • John Lennon Scholarship.
  • Golden Key Scholarship
  • 1000 Dreams Scholarship
  • Hunter Garner Scholarship
  • Art for Life Scholarship
  • Create Real Impact Scholarship
  • American Association of University Women Scholarships.
  • Scholarships for Music Majors.
  • Reading Community Singers Scholarships.
  • Mario Lanza Institute Scholarship.
  • Glenn Miller Scholarship Program
  • BMI Foundation Scholarship.

Does Everyone Get An Audition At Berklee?

Yes, every student who applies for a Bachelor program at the Berklee College of Music goes through an audition and interview process. Anyone who passes this process is admitted and considered for a merit-based scholarship. The audition takes about 15 minutes for each applicant.

How Much Is The Berklee College Of Music Scholarship Worth?

The scholarship amount varies with the type of scholarship and the sponsor. Hence, it is difficult to know how much scholarships are worth at Berklee.

Does Berklee College of Music Require IELTS?

Yes, the college requires an English Language test to get admission. An IELTS score of 7.0 or above is required. You can also present other forms of English Language test scores like TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test, etc.


Berklee College of Music scholarships are easy to get as they do not require much application criteria. This article has exposed you to the available scholarships and what is required of you. So, apply the knowledge gained to secure a scholarship in this session.

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