University Of Texas Scholarship In 2024/2025: Apply Now

Lots of scholarship opportunities await you as a student of the University of Texas. More interesting is the fact that they have simple eligibility criteria and a straightforward application process. Read this article to see all the details that you need about University of Texas scholarships.

Scholarships are a form of financial aid that does not need to be paid back. Hence, they are some of the best ways to help students complete their education and scale up the social ladder with ease. Many schools in the world have embraced the idea of helping and rewarding their students through scholarships and the University of Texas is one such school.

Here, there are different scholarships available to students irrespective of their nationality and degree types. To get one, you must first be eligible and follow the right application process. Get more info about these scholarships as we delve straight into the business of the day.

Does The University Of Texas Give Full Scholarships?



Of course, the University of Texas gives scholarships to deserving students. This is to help ease the financial burden on them or their sponsors throughout their studies in the school. There are different types of scholarships in the school including full scholarships.

So, if you have been admitted into the institution and think there is a need to get financial aid, getting a full scholarship from them is the best option. Read the next paragraph to see the types and categories of scholarships available and open to you in the next paragraph.

Types Of Scholarships At University Of Texas


It was noted earlier that there are several categories of scholarships available at the University of Texas. Each of these scholarships has unique eligibility criteria hence you may not be qualified for all of them. See the types of scholarships available and what they entail below.

Merit-Based Scholarships

This type of scholarship is open to both domestic and international students. It is a full scholarship that is awarded to students of the University of Texas who have distinguished themselves academically. In other words, students with outstanding academic performance are selected for the merit-based scholarship. However, they will have to also meet certain criteria to be successfully selected.

Personal Achievements Scholarships

Another type or category of scholarship at the University of Texas is the personal achievement scholarship. This type is similar to the merit-based scholarship. However, the difference is that it is awarded to students of the institution who have achieved great feats in other areas aside from academics. This could be in their participation in extracurricular activities, community services, and so on. Students in this category are athletes, musicians, footballers, artists, and so on.

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships at the University of Texas are mostly available to only domestic students. This kind of scholarship is given to students who are unable to afford the financial cost of their studies. In this case, proper investigation is usually carried out to ascertain their claims before the scholarship is awarded.

Eligibility Criteria For University Of Texas Scholarship


To be eligible to receive a scholarship or any form of financial aid from the University of Texas, the students must meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • The individual must be a student of the University of Texas.
  • Must be a citizen, permanent resident, or eligible non-US citizen.
  • Must maintain an excellent or satisfactory academic record.
  • Should be committed to community development.
  • Must have submitted a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or its equivalent for international students before a stated deadline.

How To Apply For University Of Texas Scholarships


Take the steps below to apply for scholarships at the University of Texas.

Step 1: Submit Your FAFSA

As a citizen or permanent resident of the US seeking a scholarship, you must submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When this is done, you will be considered for financial aid every year. If you are a non-US citizen or permanent resident, you are considered a Texas resident for higher education purposes.

Hence, the approved equivalent for FAFSA is the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA). This can be submitted in person or online at My Financial Aid Portal.

Step 2: Submit Your Scholarship Application

Incoming students of the University of Texas do not need to apply for scholarships separately because they are automatically considered for them. If you are a RETURNING OR TRANSFER student, however, you will check your CASH account or My Financial Aid Portal for the application form. They are usually open from November of every year.

Step 3: Check The Application Status

After applying for the scholarship, you are expected to check the My Financial Aid Portal (CASH) for updates. Here you will know how far your application has gone. If there is a need for a review, you will be notified here.

Step 4: Verification Stage

After you have submitted your application and your FAFSA, the scholarship office will verify your documents to ascertain your eligibility. If there is a need for additional documents, you will be contacted. At the end of all of these, if you are selected to get the scholarship, the office will also notify you through an email.

Does University Of Texas Give Scholarships To International Students?


If you are an international student who has been admitted into the University of Texas as a graduate and undergraduate, there are scholarships that you are eligible for. You, however, must know that there are some variations in the scholarship requirements. Visit the Financial Aid department to see them.

Where Can I Submit My FAFSA?


Your FAFSA can either be submitted online or at the school’s Financial Aid Office. To submit online, visit You will be required to enter the University of Texas code. The code is 003658.

Outside Or Private Scholarships At The University Of Texas


It will interest you to know that apart from those scholarships sponsored by the school, you can also get other scholarships that are recognized. They could be sponsored by your college, department, or school. The sponsor could even be an individual not related to the school body.

So if you are unable to get the school-sponsored scholarship, embrace external scholarships. Note that the application method, eligibility criteria, and deadlines for these scholarships may be a little more cumbersome than their counterparts.

Does University Of Texas Give Graduate Scholarships?


Yes, the University of Texas scholarships are open to both graduates and undergraduate students. However, undergraduate scholarships are more and are more easily bagged.


We’ve explicitly explained the information surrounding scholarships at the University of Texas. I trust that with the information at your disposal, you will be able to simply apply and get a scholarship easily.

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