How Can I Transfer Zelle To Chime? ( Proven Methods)

Can I transfer Zelle to Chime? The simple answer is No. This is because Chime does not have Zelle integrated into its app. However, there is an unofficial way to work around it and transfer money from Chime to Zelle and vice versa through the use of debit cards, the Pay Anyone option, and so on. So attentively stick around to the end to see how to use Zelle with Chime and other beautiful alternative ways to send money to others with Chime.

Like Cash App, Chime and Zelle are wonderful alternatives when you are looking for a way to simplify your financial transactions. This is because they give you easy access to your funds when they are needed. Apart from that, you can bank with them from the comfort of your home. Transactions are also very affordable and fast. This makes them a great choice over traditional banks. 


However, there is also the question that comes up when trying to use the two apps. “Can I transfer Zelle to Chime” has become a very popular question. In this article, we will explore the possibility of doing that and how it can be done successfully. So hang around to the end. 

Can I Transfer Zelle To Chime?


As we noted above, No, you can not officially transfer Zelle to Chime. This is because Chime is one of the major competitors of Zelle. And as such, they are both not compatible at the moment. 

However, there are alternatives as many people have been able to devise unofficial ways to use them both. The challenge with this is that these methods do not work for everyone. So go through them carefully to see the one is suitable and compatible with your account. 


How To Transfer Zelle To Chime?


Now let’s see some of the hassle-free alternative ways to transfer Zelle to Chime. You can transfer Zelle to Chime by adding your Chime debit card to Zelle using the following steps. 

  • Download the Zelle mobile app. It is available for both Android and Apple devices. 
  • Create a free Zelle account by following the prompts. Your phone number is an important requirement here. 
  • Click on Continue to go to the next stage. 
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter your bank. Chime is not on the list so, click on “Don’t See Your Bank
  • Now enter your Chime debit card details and you will be prompted. 
  • Click on “Continue” to proceed to the next stage. 
  • Now set up a password to protect your account. 

With this method, you should be able to transfer Chime to Zelle. In recent times, however, some users can no longer use this method as it seems to have been banned with recent updates on their cards. So if you tried it and were unable to use it, use the option in the next paragraph.

Use Of Chime’s Pay Anyone Feature. 



With this feature on Chime, you can instantly transfer money to both Chime and non-Chime users. It is easy to use and also free. With the Pay Anyone Feature, you do not need to worry about using Zelle with Chime. Here is how to use Chime Pay Anyone to send money. 

  • Log in to your Chime account. 
  • Tap on the “Pay Anyone” button 
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  • Choose the recipient either from your contact list or enter their $ChimeSign for Chime users. 
  • Enter the amount. 
  • Select an emoji or GIF (optional)
  • Go through all information entered and click on “Pay”.

With this done, the recipient will get an email or text with a link prompting them to accept the payment within the next 14 days. The recipient will enter their debit card information to claim the Cash. 

The Use Of Cash App


Another alternative to transferring Zelle to Chime is the use of Cash App. By adding your Chime debit card to Cash App, you can transfer money to anyone you wish without bothering about Zelle. Cash App is fast and easy to use as well.

What Is Zelle To Chime Transfer Limit?


If the first method of transferring Zelle to Chime works for you, then you have a weekly sending limit of $500. However, with Chime’s Pay Anyone option, the sending limit is $2000 or 15 transfers monthly. 

How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Zelle To Chime?


Transfers from Zelle to Chime are at no cost. They are free of charge. This is one of the advantages of using his app against traditional banking methods. Also, using the Pay Anyone feature on Chime is free. So you do not have to bother about transfer charges. 

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Zelle To Chime?


Zelle and Chime transfers are instant. That is, you will receive the payment in a few minutes after they are sent. With the Pay Anyone feature, however, transfers to non-Chime users could take a few days.


Does Chime Have Zelle


No, Zelle does not support Chime. Chime does not have Zelle in its app. And they are not compatible because Zelle was developed by top banks as a worthy competitor with mobile banking platforms like Chime, Cash App, Venmo, etc. 

Does Zelle Work With Cash App?


No, Zelle and Cash App are not also compatible hence it is not possible to directly send money from Zelle to Cash App. However, you can use another bank account as a middleman in the transaction. 

What Debit Card Works With Zelle?


Any MasterCard or Visa debit card with a US-based account work with Zelle. There are only a few exceptions as there have been reports that it no longer accepts some Chime debit cards. 


“Can I transfer Zelle to Chime?” The answer as we have said is No. However, the article treated some lovely alternatives and indirect ways to use Zelle with Chime. I hope after now, you will be glad to send money to and from your Chime account without stress.