Zelle Not Working ( Why & How To Fix It )

There are several reasons Zelle might not be working at the moment, and we are going to list out the reasons here’ together with guidelines on how to fix it instantly. Zelle is among the best and most reliable digital banking platforms that allow users to Instantly transfer money. However, it’s worrisome whenever there’s an issue preventing it from working perfectly.


Maybe you’re facing the issue of inability to make transfer, login to the App, Zelle showing error or other troubleshooting. Relax, you have absolutely nothing to worry about anymore” this content will help you to resolve the issue of and enable you carry out transactions successfully as usual.

Why Is Zelle Not Working?


Finding out the reasons Zelle isn’t working today, is the first step you should take, so that it will be easier for you to fix it. And here are most of the reasons below;

  • Unverified Zelle Account

In as much as Zelle allow users to instant transfer with routing and account number without verification, it might stop working at some point and ask you to verify your identity. This is to clear fraudulent accounts and also create good user experience.

If you haven’t verify your identity yet, please try as much as you can to verify it with your valid credentials and it will start working again.

  • Incorrect Recipient’s Information

The recipient information might be wrong, check if the details you entered is correct, probably there’s a typographical error without your consent. Before you proceed to making payments, make sure you cross-check the payment details” otherwise you maybe lock out for trying several times with incorrect details.


Also, if the recipient’s bank does not support Zelle” it won’t work. This digital banking platform have few integrated banks and you need to confirm if the recipient bank is among.

  • Sending Limit Exceeded

Zelle Not Working

Even if your Zelle account is fully verified, there’s still a limited amount of money you can send per day, weekly or monthly. Hence, whenever you exceed your transfer limit” you won’t be able to send more funds, although you can receive.

With Zelle, you can send up to $2,500 per day, and when you exceed this limit’ you won’t be able to carry out more transactions. Take note of this, you can as well contact Zelle customer support to check if there’s a way you can send more than $2,000 per day or thereabout.

  • Slow Internet Connection

Maybe you’re having poor network connection which is hindering the App/website from functioning properly. Zelle is a digital banking platform, and works perfectly with a good internet connection.

If your internet isn’t stable, you’re likely to experience some issues whenever you want to access the App. You’re advised to connect to a stable internet, and make sure you have sufficient data balance.

Zelle App Not Working


If you’re having issues accessing Zelle App at the moment, that means something is wrong somewhere” and below are the reasons;

  • Using Outdated Zelle App : your app might be out of date without your consent. Visit Google play or apple store to update the App latest version. Using outdated Zelle App is one of the reasons it stopped working and updating to latest version is the solution to it.
  • Zelle App Undergoing Maintenance : from time to time, Zelle Undergo maintenance. During this process, they add new features to ensure good user experience. However, during this process, the App stop working until they’re done with the maintenance.
  • Server Error : occasionally, Zelle experience server error, and it’s very normal to any digital banking platform. Hence, you can’t do anything about it” you will have to wait until the issue is ratified.

Now that you have seen the reasons Zelle isn’t working, I believe it will make it easier for you to fix it with no hesitation. Let’s quickly proceed to sharing information on how to resolve it permanently.

How To Fix Zelle Not Working?


With the above guidelines, you can even fix it without further delay. Anyways, let me quickly show you guys how I fix mine whenever I encounter such error;

  • Try Sending The Payment Again

You will have to wait for some time, and try again later. If the issue of Zelle not working or Zelle App not working is as a result of App maintenance or technical error, you will be prompt to try again after some hours.

  • Uninstall Zelle App And Install Again

If after updating Zelle App the issue persist, please uninstall the app and clear all caches. Then install it again and enter your correct login details, it should start working perfectly.

  • Contact Zelle Customer Support Team

This issue might be as a result of disabled or blocked account, probably because of fraudulent activities detected on your account. Or, other issues that can only be fix by Zelle customer support. Hence, if the issue persist after trying the about fix methods, kindly reach out to Zelle customer representatives and everything will be fix.

Zelle Not Working On iPhone


If Zelle isn’t working on your iPhone, kindly uninstall it and reinstalled again to start working. Also, you can fix it by clearing Zelle cache on iPhone and here’s how to do it;

How to clear Zelle cache on iPhone
  • From your iPhone device, open the Settings App.
  • Click on General.
  • Tap on iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll down and find the Zelle app
  • Tap in Clear Cache or Offload App.
  • You will see a pop up message asking if you’re sure you want to offload the app. Tap on Offload App again.

It will automatically uninstall the app from your iPhone, but it will not delete any of your data. The app will be reinstalled the next time you open it.


Is Zelle Currently Down?


The only way to figure out if Zelle is truly undergoing maintenance or having server error, is to check using They will help you detect what’s going on with the site at the moment.

Why Is My Zelle Payment Taking So Long?


Ensure that you entered correct payment details, and also connect to a stable network. Poor internet connection is one of the reasons your Zelle payment might be taking long, you can also reach out to the sender to check if he/she cancelled the payment.

How Does Zelle Work If Your Bank Is Not Listed

If your bank is not listed as a Zelle® partner, you can still use Zelle® by downloading the Zelle® app and enrolling your Visa® or Mastercard® debit card. Once you have enrolled, you can send and receive money with anyone who also has Zelle® enrolled, regardless of their bank.

Why Is Zelle Temporarily Unavailable Today?

If Zelle says temporarily unavailable, it simply means that’ the App and website is undergoing maintenance or having technical issues. Hence, you will have to try again later. Wait for some time and try accessing the site again, it will start working.


We are wrapping up the content here, and I believe that’ you have learnt why zelle is not working, and also how to fix it? I’m glad you find this article very helpful, and if the issue persist’ kindly reach out Zelle customer representatives and everything will be resolved.