How To” Link Bank Account Without Verification

Recently, I noticed that a lot of people aren’t comfortable with the idea of account verification. Probably because they don’t have the required credentials for verification, or wouldn’t want to reveal their identify. Well, you can actually link bank account without verification, the only disadvantage is that’ you will be limited to send and receive certain amount of money, depends on the banking platform you’re using.

There are several mobile banking platforms that allow users to link their bank account without verification. However, some features will be restricted and at some point’ you will be required to verify your identity. This is for security reasons, in order to protect users from fraudsters and also ensure good user experience.


But you can still link your bank account without verification, and also carry out transactions. However, there are few Apps, Banks and Websites that allow users to add their bank account and make transactions without verifying their identity. Just as I mentioned above, you will be limited to send and receive certain amount of money, it all depends on the bank, App or website you signed up with.

Can I Open Bank Account Without Verification?


Yes, you can open a small bank account without verifying your identity,  although you will be required to provide a self-attested photographs, signature, real name and address” in the presence of bank official. However, you will be limited to send and receive small amount of money, until you verify your bank account with their documents.

Also, you can open a digital bank account like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Veem etc” without identity verification, no self-attested photographs, or signature. You can as well link your bank account or debit card with any of these internet banking platforms without identity verification.


Link Bank Account Without Verification


If you want to add your bank account to any internet banking app/website without verifying your identity, first of all you need to make a deep research about the digital banking platform. Read their terms and conditions, security features, etc. After confirming everything about them, go ahead and follow the guidelines below to link your bank account;

  • Sign up for an account with your valid email address or phone number
  • Enter your name ( Username )/ address
  • Confirm the process and enter a verification code that will be send to the email address or phone number you provided.
  • Enter the code and also provide your “zip code” if required.
  • Skip “link bank account or debit card” feature.

NOTE: the process depends on the platform you’re using/ want to use. If you’re using PayPal, cash app, Venmo etc, then’ linking your bank account is optional. You can effortlessly fund your account by sending your ID to family and friends who uses PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or any other integrated banks to send you money.

Is It Safe To Add Bank Account Without ID Verification?



Yes, it’s hundred percent safe to add your bank account without identity verification. But before you do so, make sure you have researched about the internet banking platform and also check their security features. We highly recommend Cash App, Veem, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Chase etc. They’re reliable, although some of them will deny you access to certain features until you complete the verification process.

How Can I Send Money Without Bank Verification?


Just as I mentioned above, there are several internet banking Apps/websites that allow users to Instantly send without bank verification. You don’t even need to link your bank account, the only thing required from you is to sign up with your valid email address or phone, create a username and you’re good to go. They’re, Google wallet, Western Union, PayPal, Venmo, Wise, Cash App, Veem, Popmoney etc.



I hope you have learnt how to link bank account without verification? It’s very easy, although it doesn’t work for all” make your finding and select the best for yourself.