River Valley Loans – Read All Reddit Reviews

Are you looking forward to getting a quick loan for personal needs? Then you should consider River Valley loans. Before you begin your application process, join us as we take a quick look at River Valley Loans reviews in this article. This will help you decide whether it is a good loan option or not. You will also get to see if it is a legit platform or a scam. All other necessary information about this platform is also embedded here. So, let’s get started right away. 

Life sometimes presents us with unexpected financial needs that require a solution before your payday. And taking a loan seems to be the quickest way to get that done. As you may have known, getting a loan from a traditional bank involves a long process and collateral that you may not have. Luckily, many loan firms are ready to offer you quick loans with easy application and eligibility criteria. River Valley Loans is one such firm.


However, with the high rate of internet scams and the increasing number of fake loan platforms, it is also important to know whether River Valley Loans is legit or a scam. So continue reading as we answer all your questions about this loan company and also its reviews. 

River Valley Loans


River Valley Loans is a lending platform that gives a range of short-term loan options for personal or business purposes. It is aimed at helping customers reach their financial goals easily irrespective of their credit scores.

This firm prides itself as the best because it ensures transparency throughout the entire loan process while protecting the rights and privacy of its customers. It gives installment loans whose fees are disclosed upfront before the loan agreement is signed. 


The loan amount varies from one customer to the other depending on your credit score. However, most borrowers get up to $5,000. The interest rate is between the range of 3% and 30% which can be repaid within 12 months. 

Is River Valley Loan Legit Reddit?


It is exciting to let you know that River Valley Loans is legit and not a scam. This view was obtained through proper research into the activities of this platform, its mode of operation, and most importantly some variables that are considered when looking out for scams. See some of those variables below.

Ownership And License

One of the reasons why River Valley Loans is said to be legit and not a scam is that it is a licensed company operating with the laws of the government. It is owned by the Dakota Economic Development Corporation. This is an economic arm created by the law of the Crow Creek Sioux tribe in South Dakota. Therefore it is recognized and licensed by Federal Consumer Finance Law and abides by its principles. 



Another variable to consider in determining a scam platform is the sketchiness of its website. With River Valley Loans, there is no atom of sketchiness. The website is professionally built and organized to reflect what the company is made of. It is easy to search through and can be accessed by everyone. This goes to show that it is legit and not a scam.


Furthermore, the transparency of the entire loan process is impeccable hence it is not a scam. All fees are made known to the loan seekers before the agreement is reached. The method of application, length of repayments, as well as other vital details, are disclosed from the onset.

And its customer service phone number is stated as (833) 987-4837. Anyone can contact them for inquiries. This is one feature that is not available with scam loan platforms. So It is clear that the platform is legit. But before we conclude, let’s see what customers are saying about them in the review section below. 

River Valley Loans Reviews


River Valley has been reviewed and rated by customers on many prominent review websites including Trustpilot, BBB, Indeed, and so on. Comments from customers show that the platform is legit as it was praised for its prompt loan approval, installment payment method, and transparency of the entire loan process. 

River Valley Loans

However, there were also comments showing the displeasure of customers towards the high-interest rate and short repayment span of the loan.

It has a rating of 4.8/5 stars on Trustpilot with lots of trustworthy comments. See some of them below. 

“They were very friendly and nice. I’m very appreciative of what they were able to give me”. Another customer stated “Great experience! The process was quick and fast. Received funds same day”. 

Is River Valley Loans Safe?


Yes, considering its legitimacy and reviews, one can say that River Valley Loan is a very safe platform to get a loan. It is also keen on keeping the information of customers safe. Hence, you do not have to worry about the privacy of your information. 

How To Apply To River Valley Loans


The application process is very easy. All you need to do is visit Click on Apply Now and follow the prompts to submit your required details. The company will review your information to determine how qualified you are for the loan. The customer service team may also give you a call during the verification process. Your credit score might get required to determine eligibility and repayment ability. 

Pros And Cons Of River Valley Loans


The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this loan option. 


  • Fast loan approval.
  • Credit the funds to your bank account the same day that it was approved. 
  • Upfront disclosure of loan fees and rates in your loan agreement. 
  • No additional fees or charges. 


  • Not available in all states of the US: River Valley does not lend to people who reside in Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, South Dakota, Vermont, Arkansas, and the District Of Columbia. 
  • High-interest rate. 
  • Short-term repayment plan. 

Does River Valley Loans Report To Credit Bureaus?


Yes, the company might report to one or more credit bureaus if you fail to repay your loan on time as agreed or fail to adhere to other terms of the loan.


After all that has been considered so far, we can see that River Valley Loans is legit and not a scam. And it has a lot of positive reviews and ratings.  Therefore, it is safe to use the application method stated above to get a loan today.