Healthcare Vietnamtimes 2024 : Everything You Need To Know

Have you heard about the Vietnamtimes healthcare, and want to know how it works? Don’t worry you will soon find out. Vietnam is one of the  country that’s experiencing a rapid growth of population, this population growth however has also impacted their economy. With more people to cater for, Vietnam’s healthcare system is experiencing a strain that needs urgent attention.

However the government knows this and they have been investing in both public and private healthcare centers that offer top quality services.  You should know that the healthcare system in Vietnam is not only funded by the government, it’s also sponsored by some other private medical centers. 


Before seeking Medical aids from any healthcare centers in Vietnam, please note that the quality of healthcare in Vietnam greatly depends on the location you are visiting and type of facility, and also the type of medical aid you are looking for. If you are visiting public hospitals, then you should be aware that you won’t be fully satisfied as they are always crowded and they don’t have enough staff to tend to patients. The only advantage  

Public hospitals offer is free. Private hospitals are more suitable for treatment, however they are more expensive than public hospitals. Another category of healthcare you can find in Vietnam is the international hospitals which mostly cater to foreign patients. These hospitals are ranked one of the best because they usually offer the highest standards of care, but the downside is that they are very expensive.

Types Of Healthcare In Vietnam


Vietnam currently has up to three different categories of healthcare centers, they have private healthcare centers, which are owned by a private body, public health centers which are owned by the government and international hospitals.  Below are more information about that


Private Healthcare Sector

The private healthcare sector in Vietnam is equipped with a number of modern tools and health equipment. Although their fees might be high, their staff are highly trained and they are good in medical fields. Some of these private hospitals are also involved in medical research which will surely improve the medical stability of the country in the near future.

Public Healthcare System

The public healthcare system in Vietnam can also be referred to as a government owned healthcare center as they are funded by the government and some treatments are free for all citizens.  The downside to the public healthcare center in Vietnam is that the service and attention you will receive won’t be as private. Their fees may be lesser but they are short staffed and the hospital is usually crowded with patients. Their doctors may be highly trained, but the hospital doesn’t really possess up to date medical equipment.

Although Vietnam is facing some medical crisis, the government and some other private sectors are trying all their possible best to improve the healthcare system in Vietnam. The government is well aware of this situation and they are investing greatly into the medical system. With the commitment and funds being invested, it’s no doubt that Vietnam healthcare will continue to improve. 

Challenges facing The Healthcare System In Vietnam

Some of the major causes of Vietnam healthcare system underdevelopment includes:

  • Overcrowding: one of the major issues Vietnam healthcare is experiencing is that the hospitals available are overcrowded. Due to this, patients often have to wait for hours to see a doctor. This is mostly occurring in public hospitals.
  • Understaffing: public hospitals most especially are experiencing shortage of doctors and nurses, this is mostly occurring in Vietnam rural areas. Due to this, a patient living in a rural area might have to travel a long distance before they can see a professional doctor. The cost of transport added to medical fees is quite high.
  • Outdated equipment: with technology advancing every day, medical treatment has become easy and fast. However the medical equipment in Vietnam public hospitals are outdated and some are not even working. Lack of proper equipment and tools can be disastrous. 
  • Lack of access to care: Many people living in rural Vietnam don’t have access to hospitals. It’s either very far or costly. Due to this, they don’t really have access to medical treatments. 
  • High cost of care: Public health care in Vietnam medical costs are low compared to Private healthcare, since many people in Vietnam cannot afford it, they sometimes choose traditional medicine instead.


Does Vietnam Have A Good Healthcare System?


Their Healthcare system isn’t half bad, however the government is doing all their possible best to improve the situation

How Does The Healthcare System Work In Vietnam?


They have public healthcare system which offers free treatment and also private which charges high for medical treatments, however their effectiveness is quite high.

Biggest Health Challenge In Vietnam


The survey we carried out made us realize that The biggest health issue in Vietnam is stroke, with over 200,000 new cases each year.

Issues With Healthcare In Vietnam


High cost of care, Understaffing, Lack of access to care,Overcrowding, Outdated equipment are among the issues Vietnam healthcare system is experiencing.


The healthcare system in Vietnam might be facing some  challenges currently, the government are not relenting and are working to improve it. If they continue with this pace of investment and funding, the quality of healthcare in Vietnam might improve in the years to come.

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