Wells Fargo Zelle Not Working : Here’s What To Do, To Fix It

Why is Zelle not working on wells fargo today? Is Zelle down or was my account deactivated? No worries, this article will provide you with verify answers to these questions. It will also guide you on how to fix any error you might be having whenever you want to transact from Zelle to Wells Fargo.


Zelle is among the best and most reliable digital banking platforms that works with Wells Fargo, together with Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, etc. However, sometimes it may experience server error, downtime, or any other issues that may prevent it from working properly.

In most cases, the issue of wells fargo zelle not working might be as a result of issues from your end. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about, we have shared all the steps to follow and resolve this issue.

Why Is Zelle Not Working On Wells Fargo?


There are several reasons zelle might not be working with wells fargo, just as I mentioned above. However, I will be pointing them out here’ and also advise you on what to do.

  • Slow Internet Connectivity

Unstable or poor network connection is one of the reasons Zelle Wells fargo might not be working. Please check your internet connection, make sure you’re in a good environment were internet connection is stable.

  • Zelle Undergoing Maintenance

From time to time, Zelle App undergo maintenance. During this time, they add new features, remove certain things and make their app more user friendly. Hence, whenever Zelle App is undergoing maintenance’ you are likely to experience issues accessing the app. In a situation like this, you just have to be patient, as you can’t do anything from your end to fix it.

  • Restricted Account

Maybe you have been restricted from having access to certain features on Wells Fargo Zelle. Whenever Zelle suspect usual activities on your account, you will be restricted from sending money” although you can receive.

However, sometimes it happens as a result of unverified Zelle account, and if that be the issue’ then’ you have to try as much as you can to verify your identity.

How To Fix Wells Fargo Zelle Not Working


You can actually fix this issue from your end with just a few clicks, and figuring out what the problem is will speed up the process. However, we have listed out some of the reasons in the previous paragraphs” below are steps to fix it permanently.

  • Update your Zelle App to the latest version: visit Google play or apple store and check if you’re using the latest version. Otherwise, update it and the error will disappear instantly.
  • Connect to a stable network: Zelle work perfectly with a stable internet connection.
  • Check Zelle current status: if the app is undergoing maintenance or experiencing server error, the only solution is to wait. Give it time for them to resolve it, you can check the current status at
  • wells fargo zelle not working
  • Turn off your VPN: Zelle and other digital banking platforms doesn’t allow users access the App/website with VPN.
  • Clear the app cache: uninstall and reinstall it.
  • Contact Zelle customer support if the issue persist.

Zelle Service Temporarily Unavailable Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo Zelle this service is temporarily unavailable usually happen whenever the App is undergoing maintenance, or server error. As I said earlier, the best solution is to wait” give it some hours to resolve.

Why Is My Zelle Transaction Not Going Through?


If your Zelle transaction is not going through, it might be as a result of technical glitch with Zelle, incorrect recipient’s information, your bank is not participating in Zelle, or recipient is not enrolled in Zelle.


We are wrapping up the content here, and I believe you have learnt every steps to fix wells fargo zelle not working. The first step you’re expected to take is to try and figure out what the issue is, then’ resolving it will be very simple for you.